Fr Ivo Coelho, General Councilor for Formation visits INH

The presence of our superiors is always a moment of blessing and grace. These days our province is truly blessed because of the presence of Rev. Fr Ivo Coelho, the General Councilor for Formation. He is also accompanied by Rev. Fr Silvio Roggia, member of the Formation Team from Rome. They will be animating the South Asian Meet of the Formation Delegates.

Fr Ivo Coelho and Fr Silvio Roggia, accompanied by Br Vincent Castilino on 13 August visited Don Bosco, Chandur. They were given a traditional Salesian welcome. Fr Ivo and Fr Silvio spent an hour interacting with the aspirants present there. Fr Ivo in particular was really impressed by the open and frank sharing of the Aspirants. They asked pertinent and important questions, which led to an honest and candid discussion on various topics. In the evening, they took part in the Don Bosco Past Pupils’ Congress, held at Ramanthapur.IMG-20160813-WA0027

Today, 14 August 2015, accompanied by Fr Thathireddy Vijaya Bhaskar, the provincial, Fr Ivo and Fr Silvio visited the novitiate community at Manoharabad and had a fruitful interface with the Novices. These were really enriching experiences for them. As they continue their stay for a few more days we wish them God’s graces and a meaningful stay. We also welcome all the delegates of Formation from the different provinces of South Asia and wish them a happy stay.

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