Inter–Seminary Volleyball Tournament 2016 – Karunapuram

On 25th of August 2016 the community of Don Bosco Karunapuram organized an Inter-Seminary Volleyball Tournament. This was to celebrate the Silver Jubilee year of the birth of the province of Hyderabad.  The event brought together eight seminaries of different congregations. It was a gregarious moment for all the seminarians and the brothers.

The game began with the inaugural program. On this occasion Fr. G. Michael Kishore the rector of Don Bosco Karunapuram Community delivered a message to all the participants saying ‘Don Bosco loved to see his boys and the youngsters playing, keeping themselves active and energetic. He also quoted the famous words of Don Bosco “run, jump and shout but do not commit sin”. This brought a round of applause by the gathering. The referees were invited from the college of Gunpur. It was a joyful moment for the players and the audience to draw conclusion who would be the best.

This coming together was also an opportunity to meet others and to relate with them. It certainly builds our friendship and companionship when we support each other. Indeed the tournament gave boost to the entire participInter-Seminary Volleyball Tournament 2ants to do better every moment of the game. In every game there are many athletes but only one wins the final. Obviously, at the end the final match was played between Don Bosco and Holy Cross. Both the teams fought well to be a winner but only one group could hold the winner’s trophy. It left a memorable mark on the face of the Holy Cross community in winning this Inter-seminary Volleyball Tournament 2016. Our sincere thanks to Br. Biju sdb, the dean of studies and Fr. Pratap sdb who took great care to plan out the event and made sure that the event went on smoothly.

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