Salesian Family Delegates Meet

The meeting of the Salesian Family Delegates of the Southern Provinces was held at the Salesian Provincial House of Hyderabad, from 21 to 23 September 2016. It was animated by Fr. Eusebio Munoz the delegate of the Rector Major for the Salesian Family, Fr. Giuseppe Casti, the World delegate of the Cooperators and Fr. Joan Lluis Playa, the World Delegate for the VDB’s and CDB’s. The meeting was coordinated by Fr Noel Madhichetty the SPCSA delegate for the Salesian Family and the delegates from the Salesian Provinces of Bangalore, Bombay, Chennai, Hyderabad, Panjim, Tiruchy and Kolkata participated in this meeting.

The main objective of this meeting was a cooperative learning process; the world delegates who were enriched by coming to know about the reality of the Salesian Family in India and its modes of functioning. They in turn presented an indepth understanding of the various groups of the Salesian Family, in particular, the Co-operators, the Alumni, the VDB’s and CDB’s and ADMA, clarifying various juridical and doctrinal questions raised by the participants.

The first day was dedicated to the reflection on the quantitative and qualitative survey which was conducted in view of this meeting concerning to the reality of the Salesian Family in the various provinces of South Asia. The numbers presented clearly articulated that the Salesian Family was very much alive and active in our region. At the same time the weaknesses and challenges which came forth from the qualitative analysis gave room for reflection.

This presentation of the summaryof the survey was followed by an indepth study of the Groups of the Salesian Family. The following day saw the presentation of the reports from the various provinces of the existing structures and modes of the animation and action of the Salesian Family.

The participants expressed the fruitfulness of this sharphotoing as it helped them to learn more about the various practices in different provinces. These two days of presentations paved was for the discussions on the final day which were directed towards creating a concrete plan of action for the regional, provincial and local level to create, revive or rejuvenate the Salesian family.

It was a great experience of the Salesian Family Spirit and a moment of learning more about the Salesian Family and various possibilities. We thank the different people who made this meeting a success especially the Salesian Province of St Joseph, Hyderabad to have hosted the whole meeting.

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