‘Marginalization and the Birth of Deconstruction’ Annual Philosophical Symposium – Karunapuram

Vishwa Jyothi, Don Bosco College organized the Annual Philosophical Symposium on 1st July 2017, on the theme ‘Marginalization and the Birth of Deconstruction’ at Don Bosco Philosophate, Karunapuram. It was Moderated by Rev. Fr. G. Suman Showry Sdb.

Fr. Anil Sdb introduced the ‘what and why of Symposium on ‘Marginalization and the Birth of Deconstruction.’ The main aim of the symposium was to apply the idea of deconstruction to contemporary India wherein we see injustice, inequality, discrimination, racism are the norm of the day. The theme was presented in six papers which gives the broad understanding of the meaning of Deconstruction. It brings to our notice the world we live in. After each presentation there was a discussion, to enhance our idea in a far and wide.

First paper by Br. Cornelius on ‘Jacques Derrida: Life and History’. Br. Mark presented the second paper on ‘The Story and History of Deconstruction.’ Br. Bapuji presented the third paper on ‘Origin and Meaning of Deconstruction’. Fourth paper was presented by Br. Dominic on ‘Responsibilities of Deconstruction’. The fifth paper was presented by Br. Jagan on ‘The Operations of Deconstruction’. Sr Metilda presented the sixth paper on ‘Appraisal of Deconstruction’. Finally the concluding comments were presented by  Fr.  Mallavarapu Anil sdb. stressing on the preamble of the Indian constitutions that India is democratic country with the principles of equality, liberty and fraternity. A land of rich diversification of languages, cultures etc.

It was a great learning experience, through raising questions and through interaction. Above all, how we can apply this theory of Deconstruction in the society. The whole symposium invited all pres4ent to bring about changes in the society, to it make a better place.


Cl. Dominic Soren Sdb

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