From 4 to 10 July, 2017 Don Bosco Ramanthapur, was filled with the buzz of Don Bosco Child Policy. Eighty participants of the staff and students of the Technical School participated in the six day study on Don Bosco Child Policy. This programme was animated every day from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. by the experienced child line staff, who delved a lot into the practical nuances of the Child Policy. 

On the first day, the entire programme was giving a head start with Fr Bellamkonda Sudhakar, the director of Don Bosco Nava Jeevan, who shared about the general and practical experiences that he had. The following day there was animation for the staff and the students each in their respective groups. The following are a few topics that were covered during the whole programme: A basic introduction of the child policy, vision, principles of the policy, and objectives of the policy, Priority Areas for Policy Implementation: Survival, Development, Protection – Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation, Violence and Participation. On the third day on the Child Protection and YaR Organizational Protocols, Recruitment, Training and Capacity Building. Documentation and research, Responses to Allegations of offences Against Children, Evaluation and Review of Policy and JJ(Juvenile Justice) Acts.

The six day programme also had its lighter moments with a Cricket Match and Kho Kho match between the staff and the students. We congratulate all the participants and thank the Staff for the wonderful learning experience.  The whole training concluded on 10 July with the distribution of certificates for the participants.

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