Don Bosco on the Salesian Bulletin

“The Bulletin is nothing else but a communication medium to acquaint people with our works and to unite Christians in oneness of spirit and ideals. Hence it must not be regarded merely as a periodical bearing truth and news. Today, because of the political scene, people no longer know how to use their goods for charitable works; hence, the aim of the Bulletin is to make them aware of our works, so that, God willing, they may help the Salesian apostolate. But we must therefore advertise it as a public magazine.”

He also instructed them how to defend the Bulletin from the charge made against it by some of pride or vainglory. “The Bulletin,” he said, “is written for us and for the co-operators, who wish to know everything about our works” … “It does not matter to us,” he said, “whether  we receive a hundred lire more or less, but whether we foster God’s glory. For this, unless governments raise obstacles, the Bulletin will be a power, not in itself, but in the people it will unite.”  (Don Bosco-MBXVI ,412-413)

The Salesian Bulletin, founded by Don Bosco is an instrument for formation and a bond of union among the different branches of the Salesian Family.  

The identity of the Salesian Bulletin is set out in Art. 41 of the regulations: “The Salesian Bulletin, founded by Don Bosco, spreads knowledge of Salesian spirit and activity, especially in its missionary and educational aspects. It is concerned with the problems of youth, encourages collaboration and tries to foster vocations. It is as well an instrument for formation and a bond of union between the different branches of the Salesian Family.

Officially launched in Turin, August, 1877 it was published under the title ‘Bibliofilo Cattolico’. The first Italian edition published by Don Bosco numbered about 5000 copies.

It had but one aim: To establish a dedicated organization of Salesian Co-operators who would be spiritually motivated and united in their concern for the young and the needy.”

Bosco Margam” (Salesian Bulletin) in Telugu

We are all aware that the “Bosco Margam” (Salesian Bulletin) is a magazine that embodies our charism and that it has been serving people’s needs (Catholic families and youth) for the past 39 years in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It’s time to review and analyze its present day reality of keeping alive in the hearts of those who receive it, the needs of our mission as well as the joy of seeing the good it accomplishes.


Fr Baly Yerramaneni