The Salesians of Don Bosco first ventured into Nalgonda Diocese in 1980, at the invitation of Rt. Rev. Msgr. Cheriankunnel Mathew, Bishop of Nalgonda. Fr. Madathumuriyil Sebastian, Fr. P.J.Jacob and Fr. Pallithanam Thomas tried out a new experimental evangelizing presence at Kottayigudem, 2 kms., from Chandur. In 1981, the Kottayigudem experiment was abandoned and the Parish of Bhimanapally was temporarily accepted. The confreres in the Parish, Fr. Muthalakuzhiyil Sebastian and Fr. Thomas Koshy, as well as the other priests of the diocese and the Bishop felt that a Junior College was an urgent need of the area. By October, 1984, a feasibility study was completed and Chandur was selected.
Early in 1985, Fr. Malayatty Jacob was sent to Chandur, a place more accessible than Bhimanapally. When the question of strength of the college came up, the Bishop and clergy took it for granted that girls also would be admitted. However, it was considered a problem by the Provincial Superiors. To avoid delay, the college was started with boys alone. It was inaugurated on 24th July, 1985. Because of the standard of the students available, it was only in the Telugu Medium. The subjects offered were History and Commerce. Since the presence of the Salesians was essentially Missionary, they were also allotted a Parish, having substations to look after.
Just at the time, the government had a moratorium on private junior colleges. Recognition looked a distant dream. By 1987, the admission of girls was approved and in the same year, the government accorded recognition. On 31st January, 1988 – centenary year of Don Bosco – the foundation for the Junior College building was laid. The same year, a new group of students were admitted to Mathematics and in 1991, to Biology as well.
In 2005-2006 degree college was started which was later shifted to Nalgonda in June, 2008.
  1. The all round development of Christians of the area and of the diocese, especially by educating the  youth.
  2. The College is expected to make academic qualifications come within reach of all, especially of the poor.
  3. The hostel is to provide a healthy atmosphere of study and Christian life, by bringing into play Salesian ideals and methods.
  4. To promote vocations among Catholics, especially among hostel students to priestly and religious life.
  5. Education to faith, of youth, is the essence of the educational programme.
  6. Development of the Sahayamatha Mission, with its substations.




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