St. Anthony’s Industrial Institute was founded in 1956 by the Mill Hill Missionaries to improve the social and economic status of the Christian community, especially in Rayalaseema area and the dioceses of Cuddapah, Kurnool and Nellore. St. Anthony’s Institute began in a humble way in a small shed, training a few boys in carpentry. In 1958 the Black Smithy section was added. The Institute was recognised by the State Government and ISLC certificates were issued to the trainees who completed successfully the five -year course. In 1963 the Mechanical Engineering section, with new machinery and equipments, started functioning. Along with the technical training, the students were also prepared to appear for the SSC Examinations.

The Provincial Chapter of 1972 decided to accept the offer of Rt. Rev. Shoury Thumma, the Bishop of Nellore, who entrusted the Institute to the Salesians. On 24th May, 1973, an agreement was signed by the Bishop of Nellore and Rev. Fr. Panakezham Thomas, the Provincial, handing over in perpetuity, the complete administration and management of St. Anthony’s Industrial Institute, Cuddapah. The first team consisted of Fr. Malayatty Jacob, Fr. Emprayil Mathew, Br. Chinnabathuni Gregory and Cl. Michael Thomas.

St. Anthony’s Industrial Institute caters to poor boys, giving them adequate training in various trades. The school is open to any student, irrespective of caste and creed. Preference was given to Christians, especially from the Rayalaseema region. An integral formation is imparted to them not only through religious and professional training but also by means of educational and cultural activities. Every effort is made to instil into them a keen sense of social awareness, civic responsibility and respect for work.

In 1980, ITI courses were introduced, since the students were unable to get government jobs with ISLC Certificates, which had become obsolete. However, non-formal training continued, side by side with ITI. The years of training were reduced from five to three (one year of preparatory and two years of ITI). Admissions were restricted to 10th passed or failed students. In 1990, to minimise the expenses and to solve the accommodation problem, the preparatory year was dropped, though this extra year was advantageous in terms of employment. Non-formal training in Black Smithy and coaching for SSC examinations is still being given for SSC failed students.

From 1990, absolute priority was given for admissions to Christians in order to obtain minority status for the Institute, which was obtained in 1993.

The Community also renders Pastoral services to the people of the locality and the surrounding villages. The needy youth are contacted through the Youth Centre.


  1. Integral formation of catholic youth of the Rayalaseema area.
  2. Technical Training in various trades.
  3. Pastoral services to the local Church.

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