The Church of Maria Matha, Brahmanakodur was constructed by the diocese of Guntur in 1946. The parish was erected in 1971. Rt. Rev. Ignatius Mummadi, the bishop of Guntur, entrusted the parish along with an aided primary school at Mannava to the salesians in the same year and the first parish priest was Fr. Chinnappa Thomas. Don Bosco orphanage, a small boarding for the orphans and homeless boys was started in 1972. Later, in august 1976, the orphanage was shifted to its present premises at Mangalagiri, under the name of Don Bosco Prem Nivas, Managalagiri.

Since the provincial chapter in may 1980, the proposal to shift the mission centre to a more suitable and developing place like Ponnur, was under active consideration. Finally in 1982, it was shifted to the present site under the leadership of Frs. Devasia Punnakunnel and Jose Alappat. A church was built in 1984. Meanwhile better building and facilities were provided for the orphanage. In 1985, a hostel for the poor girls was started and it was entrusted to the sisters of Franciscans of St. Joseph. An English medium school was started in 1984 with a view to help the mission financially. It was handed over to the sisters for their maintenance. They were asked to look after the boarding for girls and also provide for their sisters who work in the mission and a sister to look after the health centre in the parish. The girls of the boarding were to be maintained by the salesian community as per the agreement.

The following year the sisters of Mary Immaculate, from Krishnagar joined the mission taking up residence at Brahamanakodur. Unfortunately after a few months they withdrew.

The new centre had its own problems. Unfortunately a piece of six cents of land situated within the new land acquired became a bone of contention. As we refused to pay the exorbitant rates demanded from us, the party concerned foisted civil and criminal cases against the salesians. A temple like structure situated within the premises provided some excuse for giving trouble. The problems have finally been settled.


The scope of Don Bosco Mission at P.T. Parru is Evangelization and building up Christ-centered community in the nearby villages.In order to achieve this scope, we have the following apostolate.

  1. Catechists and religious sisters work full-time in the parish
  2. Boarding for boys and girls of P.T. Parru and Ponnur Parishes. Girls are looked after by Franciscan sisters with the help of the Salesians.
  3. Empowering of the poor in the P.T. Parru Parish
  4. The Mission also works for the promotion of religious, ecclesial and Salesian life.



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