The Don Bosco Publishing House has been publishing since 2010, with a mission to communicate the Saleisian Charism through its literature, Catholic faith, through its books, pamphlets and leaflets etc. Salesian Bulletin (Bosco Margam) in Telugu is a Salesian journal, the propagation of the educational works of Don Bosco all over the world. In its widest sense, it is rooted in Roman Catholicism catering to Family and Youth, yet open to other Christian traditions and the world’s faiths.

The mission of Don Bosco Publishing House is to inspire readers in making a positive impact in their lives and on those around them.

Through its publications it encourages and enables people to improve relationships and engage in dialogue wherever they are: in business or schools, in their families, neighborhoods and faith communities.

It leads readers to deepen and better understand the faith and values that guide their lives, providing a forum for all those who share the ideals of peace, justice, freedom and truth.


Objective 1:

To publish the Salesian Bulletin – Bosco Margam, a monthly magazine in Telugu, and to publish      Kaburlu – a  bi-monthly Province News Bulletin in English. 

Objective 2:

i.       To develop and maintain the Province Website, Coordinate National Website and BIS
ii.      Publication of news for the National and Province websites, and Development of Apps.
iii.        Publication of Posters, Advertisement materials, creation of logos, designing flexes etc.

Objective 3:

To publish Salesian Literature of the province both in English and Telugu (including translations) 
i.          Auto biographies of the Salesians, Obituary Letters, Province Directory
ii.         Books on Salesian Saints like Don Bosco, Dominic Savio, Mamma Margaret etc.
iii.       Salesian Family – Rules & Regulations of the Salesian Cooperators

Objective 4:

To publish Catholic and Value based Literature both in English and Telugu (including translations)
i.          Bible Diary (Daily & Sunday Reflections) in Telugu
ii.         Our Lady, Saints
iii.       Christian
iv.       Popular and literary fiction
v.         Reference and quizzing
vi.       Biography
vii.      Picture books 
viii.     History
ix.       Religion and philosophy
x.         Spirituality and self-help
xi.       General reference

Objective 5:

To train and organize workshops for young Salesians (Clerics and Young Priests) on views of journalism to improve writing skills both in Telugu and English in order to contribute to the news bulletins, province websites, articles in the Salesian Bulletin (Bosco Margam), and reflections in Bible Diary and books alike. 


The Salesian Province of Hyderabad has many publications that spread the message of God and help in disseminating useful information to all especially the youth. The province has following published either monthly or tri-monthly…

Bosco Margam (Telugu)
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 Kaburlu (English)
                                                          For back issues click here
The Province also has published a good number of Christian and
other social oriented books both in English and Telugu.
The contribution of
Fr John Lens
Br Chinnabathuni Gregory
in this area is much appreciated.
(To purchase the following books online click here. For hard copies, contact us.) 
Three spoonfuls a day
A compilation of amusing anecdotes and jokes – just three of them for a day!! (But the whole book too can be devoured in a day – after all who follows the doctor’s prescription, these days?!!)
A handy alphabetical compilation of anecdotes, stories, values and themes which can be used for animation, sermons, talks, reflections and sharing.
A drop of honey
The Spirituality of St Francis de Sales encapsulated through stories from the life and works of the Saintly patron of the Salesians of Don Bosco. Ideal for sermons, animations, retreat talks especially for young people. (Abridged from the voluminous study of Msgr Francis Trochu. Lyon: Librairie Catholique Emmanuel Vitte, 1946)
The Annals of the Salesian Society (Vol. 1)
A chronicle of the beginnings of the Salesian society (founded by Don Bosco) since 1841. Vol. I spans the history of the society from 1841 to 1888 (the death of Don Bosco)
The Annals of the Salesian Society (Vol. 2)
A chronicle of the Salesian society (founded by Don Bosco).Vol. II spans covers the history from 1888 to 1898… the first part of the Rectorate of Don Rua.
The Annals of the Salesian Society (Vol. 3)
A chronicle of the Salesian society (founded by Don Bosco). Vol. III spans covers the history from 1889 to 1910… the second part of the Rectorate of Don Rua.
The Annals of the Salesian Society (Vol. 4)
A chronicle of the Salesian society (founded by Don Bosco). Vol. IV spans covers the history from 1910 to 1921… the Rectorate of Don Paul Albera.
Don Bosco: The Founder
The book, written by Fr John Lens sdb, chronicles in brief the zealous efforts of Don Bosco (Salesian Priest – Father and friend of Youth) in starting the Society of St Francis de Sales, famously known as the ‘Salesians of Don Bosco’ (SDB) with a clear vision of reaching out to the numerous young people in need, with the heart of Jesus Christ. Written in an attractive and simple language, the book presents a bird’s eye-view of the challenges, support and inspiration that guided Don Bosco in forming the religious group of men and women (the Salesian Sisters) who are at the service of the poor and marginalized, especially the young. Today the Salesians are present in more than 129 countries of the world and in 5 continents across the globe.
» Memoirs of the Oratory
» Life of St. Dominic Savio
» Life of Zepherin Namuncura
» Life of Mamma Margaret
[For a list of PRODUCTS, conceived, created or distributed under the patronage of the Salesian Province of Hyderabad, click here.]

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