On the invitation of the archbishop of Vishakapatnam his Grace Kagithpu Mariadas, on the instructions of Fr. Provincial, Birdy team conducted a survey of the need of area. They presented a report on 24th April stating that the need of the area is the higher education of the tribal, rural poor and marginalized.

June 17th, 2006, Fr. Jose Parokaran reached the place. The land was registered on 28th of February 2006, 10 acres and Twenty Three and Half cents. It was gifted by the Archbishop of Vishakapatnam, with purpose of starting a Degree College. Fr. Jose Parokaran was staying in a rented house. It was registered under “The Narsipatnam John Bosco Society”, on 05th September 2006. The number of the Society is 1328 of 2006. Provincial Chapter VI 2007 has declared Don Bosco mission Narsipatnam a centre for higher education. There is a proposal to start Junior college / Degree College and also a hostel for boys and girls.

On 28th May 2007, Fr. Madanu Rayappa was appointed in-charge of the mission. Taking the nod from Fr. Jose Parokaran, he made an elaborate study of the area and the mission. With the help of the lay collaborators, made a study of the tribals living in the agency mandal areas such as Koyyuru, Chintapalli, Golgonda, G. Madugula and Paderu. The team initiated regular visits to all the 85 villages and hamlets in these mandals. In the presence of His Grace Msgr. Kagithpu Mariadas, a clear cut demarcation was done with the existing religious who are doing similar work – LITDS a Jesuit venture at Krishnadevipeta. The term BOSCO ITDS – (Don Bosco integral development services) was coined to meet the officials. The important work of the mission is for the education and empowerment of the tribal and rural poor.

It got the official permission from the board of intermediate on 15th September 2008. The proposed college would provide access to education and empowerment for tribal youth at Narsipatnam. And 31st August 2007 a foundation stone was laid for the staff quarters which would function as the Salesian Mission Residence.

On 7th December 2007, a public function was held to bless the foundation stone for the new college building and blessing of the new mission residence. Fr. M. Noel the provincial blessed and laid the foundation for the new construction. The new Salesian Mission Residence was blessed by Msgr. Joji Babu – Vicar of the archdiocese of Vishakapatnam.


a.  to empower the tribals: The Salesian community intends to initiate developmental works among 85 tribal villages in the agency area, i.e. Chintapalli, Golgonda, rolgunta, paderu and G. Madugula mandals of Vishakapatnam District. Plan to provide quality education to the tribal children, empowerment to the youth, initiate self help groups for women, farmers, family and CBO (Community Based organizations).

b.  to start a centre for higher education: We would like to provide quality education to the tribal and poor youth of this area. We start with intermediate and go on to degree courses according to the felt need of the place.

c.  to start a community college to attend to the poor of the area. d. to begin also separate hostels for boys and girls



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URL: www.boscoitds.org