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Salesian Co-operators

From a single unit at Guntur in 1992, the Salesian Co-operators have grown big with 16 units spread all over the Province consisting of nearly 160 Co-operators. Another thirty Co-operators are preparing themselves for their Promise. The Co-operators’ day is celebrated locally on the 21st of August on the feast day of St Pius. The Day of Promise is celebrated at the Provincial level.

The Salesian Co-operators are involved in several apostolic activities, namely,

  1. Teaching of Catechism
  2. Catechising adults
  3. Helping the various activities of the Parish
  4. Conducting youth clubs, Sunday oratories
  5. Organising schools and night study classes for slow learners
  6. Conducting tailoring classes for rural youth
  7. Visiting hospitals and delinquent homes
  8. Providing financial assistance to poor students
  9. Organising book banks for poor students.

On an average, 20 Salesian Co-operators join the Family when they make their promise.

Don Bosco Past Pupils

The Past Pupils hold 3 Federation Council Meetings annually, and each unit celebrates its annual day, publishing their respective newsletters and trying to get life memberships for as many as possible. They participate in all provincial and local level programmes and activities. They collect funds through various ways in order to give scholarships and other financial assistance to poor students in our institutions. The Past Pupils organize medical camps, career guidance programmes, offer job placements and free legal aid, visit hospitals, prisons, homes for the aged and the differently abled, sponsor school uniforms, fees, books, stationery for poor school children in our schools, and are always ready to assist the Salesians in any way.


The Salesian Sisters today have 10 presences in Andhra Pradesh, rendering service to the poor girls and women of Andhra Pradesh. They belong to the province of Bangalore, which has centres in the states of Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. They collaborate with us in the following presences: Don Bosco – Wyra, Don Bosco – Ongole, Don Bosco – Guntur, and Don Bosco – Chandur.


The Congregation has 5 Provinces in India and a Delegation in Italy. It has 156 houses with nearly 842 Sisters. The Sisters work in 48 dioceses in India, Italy, Africa and Brazil. The Congregation is dedicated first and foremost to the missionary apostolate through evangelisation and catechetical instruction, especially of womenfolk and children in villages. Schools, boarding houses, oratories, dispensaries, mobile clinics, homes for the aged, orphans and street children, vocation training centres, and schools for the disabled, rehabilitation of HIV/AIDS patients, are the various apostolic activities through which the MSMHC serve the Church. Imbued with Salesian spirit, the Congregation is pledged to practice Don Bosco’s method of education in its own educational institutions and in those it runs for parishes as well. They have nine presences in Andhra Pradesh. At present, the MSMHC help in 3 houses of the Province: Don Bosco – Ravulapalem, Don Bosco – Mariapuram, and Don Bosco – Raptadu.


The Catechist Sisters of Mary Immaculate Help of Christians (SMI) was founded by Bishop Louis La Ravoire Morrow, SDB, of Krishnagar on 12th December 1948. Evangelization and Catechesis is their apostolic charism. Today, they are in 5 countries, with 554 Sisters in 65 houses in 4 Provinces and 1 Delegation. They have three institutions in Andhra Pradesh.

Common Programmes of the Salesian Family

We have introduced a region-wise Salesian Family Day, Seminar on the Preventive System, Quiz on the Word of God, Animation on Lectio Divina for Young People, Joint Centenary Celebrations and Youth Fests were some important high lights during the last three years. There has been a good collaboration on the part of the Salesian Family.