Youth Fest at Don Bosco, Karunapuram

On 28th August 2016,  Don Bosco Karunapuram saw the participation of  220 young people from the various places of Sunday Ministry for the youth fest. It was ably animated by Rev. Fr. Ashok L. Sdb, the administrator of BIRDY community, he was also assisted by Cl. Prabhkar Sdb. The theme for the day was “Youth For The World”.

 Fr. Ashok, the resource person for the day took the first session and it was very inspiring. He had drawn inspiration from the brief life sketch of some of the great leaders of the world and applied their life to the situation of present day youth. “India has got tremendous power, that is the power of youth; this power should not be wasted rather must be channelized to light up the world”, these were the words of Fr Ashok which captivated the heart and mind of the youth  and emotionally fired them up to find out the real treasure of our nation. In the second session Cl. Prabhakar spiritually animated them for forty five minutes. It was followed by a fellowship lunch. The lunch was followed by lively cultural competition between the ministry centers. At 3 pm Fr. Ashok celebrated the Holy EucharDSC04408ist and during the sermon he highlighted about the Silver Jubilee year of the province of Hyderabad and the Rector Major’s visit to our province as well.  He invited all the youth to find out their call of God in Salesian congregation. The day was a fruitful, meaningful and joyful experience for all the participants and the organizers.

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