The province itself is the primary community to which all the local communities belong with each having its own area of apostolate. The province unites the different local communities in one large community. Through its structures the province strengthens the bonds of communion between the members and the local communities, and offers a specific service to the particular church (C. 157).
Each Province is headed by the Provincial. The Provincial council assists the Provincial in everything that concerns the animation and government of the province. The Provincial Commissions are involved in the tasks of coordination and animation of the various types of apostolate in the province. The centres further contribute as resource support centres in specified fields of apostolate or serve as specialised centres of work. We have  the following commissions and centres in the Province of Hyderabad. 
Education (Primary and Higher)
Vocation Guidance 


Animation Centres
Bosco Ashram, Ponnur
DHISHA: Career Guidance & Job Placement Services

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