Don Bosco, Patsala Tadiparru, 16 August 2021: The ongoing covid-19 pandemic has brought in unprecedented changes in social and psychological behaviour of the people, especially among children and youngsters. Due to government instructions and regulations with curfews and fear of contagion, many of our movements are curtailed. These sudden changes in day today life have increased a certain distress, anxiety and depression in youth and children. Subsequently, as the Covid-19 pandemic is easing out, the community of Patsala Tadiparru thought it fit to create an avenue for the youth and children of the parish to come together and to interact and acquaint with each other.

Accordingly, the parish youth group was rejuvenated on 25 July 2021 with 30 youngsters. As planed in the youth meet, conducted sports events to children and youth in the church premises on August 07. On August 15, the Solemnity of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and independence of India, the youth and children of the parish gathered again in the church premises to fondly remember the sacrifice of the freedom fighters and to honour our nation with hoisting of the National Flag and with national anthem. Thereafter, youth and children participated devotedly in festive Eucharistic mass celebrated by Fr Anil, sds.

After the mass the prizes were distributed to the winners in sports events. The community members spent qualitative time interacting and sharing with youth and joined them in the organised volleyball match. The festive fellowship meals were arranged with the cooperation and contribution of the Youth. On 16th August, once again the youth gathered in the church premises to wish members of the community on the Birthday of Don Bosco. Fr Mattukoyya Mariadas, Rector, articulating Don Bosco’s love for the youth, instructed the participants to be good Christians and honest citizens of the world. The youth and children have actively participated in the events and expressed their gratitude for conducting these meetings.

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