Rev. Fr Guillermo Basanes visits Don Bosco Karunapuram

The visit of a prominent figure invariable brings manifold blessings and sets a new vision to life. The Community of Don Bosco Philosophate, Karunapuram cherished the quick and valuable visit of Rev. Fr Guillermo Basanes, the General Councilor for Missions on 6 November, 2016.

Fr Basanes after having attended the spiritual retreat preached byRev. Fr Pascual Chavez, the Rector Major Emeritus at the Provincial House, Hyderabad, made it a point to visit the budding philosophers at Karunapuram before flying to Vietnam. At 9 a.m. he was given a traditional welcome. After the breakfast he made a visit to the cemetery to pay his homage to the missionaries and then at 10 a.m. he gave a conference to the community. During his talk he highlighted the importance of the two ways of living the Salesian vocation. He said that a Salesian community without a Salesian brother (coadjutor) is a half Salesian Community. It’s like a man having just one hand, crippled and deformed. He used a harsh word to emphasize the importance of the presences of a Salesian brother in the community. He said that a community that consists only of priests and clerics has a mutilated Don Bosco. He stressed that there should not be made any distinction between clerics and brothers. Towards the end of conference he answered the questions that were raised for further information and clarification. At 11:30 a.m. he celebrated the solemn Sunday mass for the community. During the sermon he highlighted the importance of a missivisit-of-fr-basanes-to-karunapuram-1onary vocation and encouraged the brothers and community to foster missionary vocations.

After lunch at 2 p.m. he journeyed back to Provincial House, Hyderabad. His visit was indeed a graceful moment for the community. The community was delighted to have such a charming personality who has the knack of building friendship and communion. His words re-energized the spirit of Salesian life in us and also gave us a fresh vision to Salesian charism. We are indebted for his short but meaningful visit. A big word of thanks to Fr Joji Y., the vice-provincial of the province of Hyderabad for accompanying him to our community.

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