Students of Philosophy of St. John’s Regional Seminary, Stand in Awe at Araku Valley –


On 2 August, 2017, the Second Year Students of Philosophy at St. John’s Regional Seminary, Kondadaba, enjoyed their annual picnic visiting the Araku Valley, Vishakapatnam.

Araku Valley is a hill station, situated on the Eastern Ghats in Vishakapatnam District. The students of Philosophy took a break from their books and learning. They took time out to wonder at God’s marvelous creation, laid before their eyes at the Araku Valley. The 23 brothers from various diocese of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, set on this journey, at the wee hours on 2 August 2017. They journey was undertaken in private vehicles. They were accompanied by Fr Jose K. They also paid a visit to the famed Borra Caves situated in the same valley. Post Lunch they visited Kailasagiri. This day will always be remembered by the young minds as a day of joy and a day of learning from God’s creation.

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